Monday, 2 April 2012

A recent visit to Japan. Hooked up with Go san proprietor of Brat Style and Masa san, proprietor of the best bar in Tokyo 'Delight' in Tamagawa. Collected tank from Go san.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Our first bikes and how they got on the road.

First photo: is an SR400 at the Yokohama bike show in Japan in 2005 this bike made me want a Bobber, I liked the Japanese Bobbers more than any of the old Harleys. Indians. Triumphs and BSA's maybe because it seemed affordable and on top of that I am a Japanese car and culture nut so it seemed to follow that I would take the japanese route. 

Second photo: is my sold to me in 2009 as SR but in fact XT engine in SR frame. I de tabbed the frame had away centre stand, rear foot peg brackets, ugly bracing and mounting points around the underseat part of frame, battery box out and relocated lower and across the bike. 

Third photo: is chopped rear frame 10" shocks and Tank from Brat Style in Saitama, purchased from Go San directly at 1.00 in the morning the night before I flew back to UK. 

Fourth photo: got myself to Victory and with the Help of Jedi Rex set about wiring, starting and finishing it, at this point the crossmember under the seat was cut and relocated 2" forward and the rear mudguard attached to swing-arm and some stays were added. 

Fifth photo: on the road after a rim and tyre swap, with a mate who wanted a 19" front rim and so the 21" came my way it was black and newer than my alloys, so finished for about a week then all the little bits start to evolve. I have no new photo of the bike, new exhaust and then pics.

Sixth photo: a new SR from the Germany ready for chopping. 
Seventh photo: under construction, same as first bike but some nice shiny Ally parts. 
Eighth photo: getting there. 
Ninth photo: rear end. 
Tenth Photo: firestones on the side?
Eleventh photo: pair of SR's.